Jerry Smith

Drums / Vocals

Jerry is the drummer for Shots Fired Reloaded

Jerry “The Animal” Smith

Jerry comes from the boot heel of Missouri and his musical roots are sprouted from the Southern Rock and Country genres. Being a military dependent, Jerry moved around quite a bit. With each move came more exposure to different genres of music. As a teen DJ for the local youth center, Jerry gained an appreciation for Rap, Soul, and Hip-Hop.

After graduation from high school, Jerry put all musical endeavors on hold to enlist in the Army, where he proudly served for eight years. After getting out of the Army, Jerry returned to his first love, “music”.

He purchased his first set of drums, found some guys that wanted to jam and it was on!
He found he had an aptitude for singing as well as laying down the beats and has continued to do so throughout the many bands he has performed with, to include “Pretty Smooth”, “Doc Wadkins and The Hard Pack”, “Derailed”, and “Taken”.

Jerry plays Country, Rock, Southern Rock, Pop, and Blues, and his well roundedness allows him to bring a dynamic approach to drumming and a soulful lyrical style to the band “Shots Fired Reloaded”.

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